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Why have a custom run of Martin Guitars 000 Perry Bechtel Special?

Because we thought Perry Bechtel needed to be remembered in connection with the actual Martin guitar he ordered, not a later stock model that weé─˘ve all assumed was Martin first 14 fret guitar. We also thought it important to point out that the transition from the standard 000 to the OM-28 did not happen in one leap, but instead, like most of Martiné─˘s developments, had an important, if short-lived, intermediary step. The 000 Perry Bechtel Special is a recreation of that critical step, the hybrid 000 that combined features from Martiné─˘s standard models, ité─˘s newest and largest tenor guitar, and the more modern neck shape for 6-string guitars popularized by Gibson.

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The 000-28 Perry Bechtel Special
is a custom run of guitars made by the C.F. Martin Custom Shop
and commissioned by Gryphon Stringed Instruments
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