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How Edition Numbers are assigned on the 000 Perry Bechtel Special guitars.

These guitars will be arriving from Martin in small batches. The lowest serial number in the first batch will be #1 in the edition, the next lowest serial number will be given #2 in the edition, and so on. Once the second batch arrives, we'll assign the next edition number to the lowest serial numbered guitar in that batch, and so on it goes. The edition numbers will be on the paper label inside the guitar, and these labels are applied at Gryphon.

Sometimes Martin guitars are "held back" in production, to drop-fill some pores in the rosewood, or to add a bit more lacquer to one of the surfaces and buff it out again once it's had time to cure. This means that if an early serial numbered 000 Perry Bechtel Special is held back at Martin and shipped to Gryphon with a later batch, it's possible such a guitar will be assigned a higher edition number despite the fact that it has a relatively low serial number compared to others in the batch of 25 guitars.

The maximum number of 000 Perry Bechtel Specials is 29 guitars, plus one prototype. 25 of these are East Indian rosewood with Adirondack top. That means the last four edition numbers are still available, and production of them has not begun at Martin. If you are interested in a left-handed model, or one made with Brazilian rosewood, Madagascar rosewood, or genuine mahogany, please contact Richard at Gryphon so we can get a quote from the C. F. Martin Co. on a specific guitar for you.

We will be taking photographs of each guitar from the moment they arrive. Photos of some of the guitars will be posted on perrybechtel.com. If you are interested in reserving a 000 Perry Bechtel Special, we only require a $2,000 deposit, which is refundable, along with the remainder of the purchase price, if you don't like the guitar. We will send detail photos of up to three guitars to anyone who has placed a deposit, so you can see the grain of the wood on the face, for instance, and the overall grain and color of the rosewood. The guitars pictured in these photos will be held for you for a very limited time, so it's critical that we have your correct email address and that you respond promptly, telling us which guitar you've chosen.

If you can come to Gryphon in person to choose your guitar, we'll try to have more than one for you to test. The number available will depend on how many are in stock, how many are already spoken for, and so on. Once a long-distance customer has chosen a particular edition number, that guitar will no longer be available for comparison with the others.

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