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We don't expect to have too many of the 000 Perry Bechtel Special guitars in stock at any one time but when we do, we will be sure to post images of that specific guitar here.

Remember each one of these Martin guitars is a special package that includes the scrap book and the CD with Perry Bechtel playing.

Perry Bechtel #4

Whole guitarThis is Perry Bechtel Special #4. It was hung up in finishing for a while but now it is here. This is the Last single-digit bechtel that will be available for a while! If you want get a low series number You will have to hurry. This guitar might be made unavailable as soon as our latest batch has been made ready for sale.

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Perry Bechtel 06

Front Upper LeftAnother sold Bechtel!

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Perry Bechtel 10

Front close Sorry folks, this one is sold too!

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Perry Bechtel 11


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