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Extra material about Perry Bechtel and the 000 Perry Bechtel Specials

I Saw Stars

Hear Perry Bechtel playing guitar on the tune "I Saw Stars"

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He has but two hands

handsAmong other things, this story is to explain to certain members of the general public that Perry Bechtel, the Howard's banjo and guitar ace, uses only two hands (eight fingers and two thumbs) in manipulating his intricate numbers, which have amazed and pleased patrons of the theater. he has no third hand concealed up his sleeve, he assured your corespondent Thursday.

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Strummin up a Banjo Boom

Life Magazine article with Perry Bechtel: An old professional banjo player explained the tremendous revival of interest in his kind of music. "it lifts people up when I am there playing," he said. "They go for that snap, sparkle and jump." For the first time since their instrument passed out of favor 25 years ago, banjoists have more work and pupils than they can handle. Perry Bechtel...

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Original Correspondence

Here are some excerpts from correspondence between the C.F. Martin Guitar Company and Perry Bechtel about his custom 000-28 with 14-frets.

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Installing the pickguard

TracingTake a tour of Frank Ford installing the pickguard on one of the Martin Guitar 000 Perry Bechtel Specials. The pickguards and interior labels are installed here at our shop so we could get them just the way we want them,

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