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Original Correspondence

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Here are some excerpts from correspondence between the C.F. Martin Guitar Company and Perry Bechtel about his custom 000-28 with 14-frets.

Martin - Bechtel letter 6/29/29

Gentlemen: In the course of Mr. Perry Bechtel\'s visit with us we worked out a plan for a special Guitar for his personal use. His requirements are rather special because of his...
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Cable Martin letter 7/1/29

\"...do not turn out to be just what the designer anticipated. I hope however that this will not be the case with Perry. You probably know that I have been after Perry for some time...
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Bechtel-Martin letter 7/20/29

Dear Mr. Martin, Enclosed please find (and don\'t laugh) one musician\'s \"frugal\" or maybe \"futile\" attempt at templets. To say that this is a \"rough idea\" is rather a smooth...
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Martin-Bechtel letter 7/20/29

Dear Perry: There is not need for you to apologize for your workmanship in making up templates for your Guitar fingerboard because they were very neatly and accurately made. Using...
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Bechtel-Martin letter 8/15/29

Dear Perry: We are rather releived to hear that you are more anxious to get your Guitar back quickly than to have your name inlaid in the head. We can use one of our stock head plates,...
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Bechtel Martin Letter 8/27/29

Dear Perry: Your guitar came in yesterday and we have already put on the new head. A few days will be needed for the laquer work, and the bridge adjustment; so we expect to have...
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Bechtel-Martin Letter 9/13/29

"... The guitar is now fine, am using it plenty on the air nowadays, and have had several compliments on it. Am glad Roy tried out this model and am reasonably sure, if you...
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Freak Shaped Gibson?

This is the "Freak shaped Gibson" referred to by Mr. Schrader in his 7/1/29 letter to C.F. Martin & Company.
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